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Passing Thoughts on Sports

All of this pales in comparison to the challenges the world faces, but these thoughts have crossed my mind:

  • Watching the Patriots play defense is like watching Dice K pitch
  • ESPN is the worst thing to happen to sports in 25 years, but they only give what their audience wants
  • NCAA coaches don’t get in trouble for violations, they just move on to other schools
  • Baseball’s going the way of boxing. Unless the hometown team is on, a lousy football game will have more viewers
  • Back to the Red Sox, Ownership needs to run it like a baseball team, not a marketing class. Put a good product on the field and you can tie in other revenue. The promo nights are lipstick on as pig. Emulate the Patriots and stop trying to mimic the Yankees, who have their own issues but oddly less drama.
  • Speaking of the Patriots, Bob Kraft is a class gentleman
  • Good luck to UMass moving to Division One football, especially since they weren’t a great IA program
  • Twitter is a daily reminder that most athletes did not go to college for an education
  • Sports talk radio is Groundhog Day for Monday morning quaterbacks
  • If there’s a strength to the NHL, it’s the ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Every time the league gains in popularity, they have some sort of work stoppage.
  • UNH home hockey games in in the late 70’s were some of the best sporting events I’ve ever attended
  • Baseball players are divas without the vocal range
  • There’s a genuineness to a local road race that you rarely find in other sports.
  • That said, it should be acceptable to tug the earphones out of runners as they clueless step in front of other runners because they don’t hear them coming.
  • As the Islanders are moving from Long Island to Brooklyn, will they change their name to the Burrowers?