Right versus Priviledge

First, if you’re happy with your shape, good for you. Self confidence is a frail quality. The body’s a beautiful thing and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The following comments apply to both men and women. That said, the following items are a privilege, not a right — spandex, thongs, bikinis and “Speedo” swimwear. Just because the items are sold in sizes ranging from 0 to canopy, it doesn’t mean you will look good in them. Men, if your stomach hangs over so low that it covers your entire swimsuit, BUY A longer pair of trunks. I’ve seen women wearing spandex tights that are so stretched my thought is the slightest snag and those things will explode. On a recent vacation a few folks at the pool brought to mind the line from “Family Guy” that it looked like a walrus flossing. Clothing should be comfortable to put on, it should be akin to stuffing a sausage. Think before you buy. When you try the item on and the image in the fitting room mirror looks like a cracked tube of biscuit dough, it’s time to try something else.


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