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Focusing on a good cause (or 2)

I had started writing another post leaning toward politics, but have scrapped that for a more positive ramble. Two people who I continue to follow and admire are Bill Gates ( and Matt Damon and his ( Both are doing great things without the selfish fanfare often tied to well known people. I’d encourage everyone to check out their twitter feeds and or web sites. It is certainly a refreshing change from the gaffe hunting and mud slinging of the political season.


Right versus Priviledge

First, if you’re happy with your shape, good for you. Self confidence is a frail quality. The body’s a beautiful thing and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The following comments apply to both men and women. That said, the following items are a privilege, not a right — spandex, thongs, bikinis and “Speedo” swimwear. Just because the items are sold in sizes ranging from 0 to canopy, it doesn’t mean you will look good in them. Men, if your stomach hangs over so low that it covers your entire swimsuit, BUY A longer pair of trunks. I’ve seen women wearing spandex tights that are so stretched my thought is the slightest snag and those things will explode. On a recent vacation a few folks at the pool brought to mind the line from “Family Guy” that it looked like a walrus flossing. Clothing should be comfortable to put on, it should be akin to stuffing a sausage. Think before you buy. When you try the item on and the image in the fitting room mirror looks like a cracked tube of biscuit dough, it’s time to try something else.

Last Candidate Standing

Earlier this year I, somewhat sarcastically, tossed out the idea of using electronic shock in political debates with the idea that every time a candidate lies, they get a shock. The intent isn’t to physically harm anyone but to cut to the chase. Paul Ryan claims to run a sub 3 hour marathon – zing. Joe Biden speaks – zing. Eventually you have the last person standing and you have the one who lies the least.

A few passing thoughts –

  • Every time a chucklehead makes the socialist claim, they should be asked to asked to define socialism to see if they know what they’re talking about and then asked for their timeline for ending social security.
  • For every dollar a SuperPac spends, they should be required to spend $2 to help disadvantaged areas like eastern Kentucky.
  • It is amazing that no one gets asks for facts to substantiate claims. The closest we’ve seen if the dust up over Ryan’s marathon time. The conclusion is that we elect on perception, not fact.
  • Romney’s statement that job retraining will be the responsibility of States and companies means it won’t happen.
  • Neither candidate can create jobs, unless the Federal Government starts hiring. Cutting the corporate tax rate means more cash will be help by companies.

In short, the economic problems can be tied to housing, the largest asset for most Americans. Greenspan, Congress and Wall Street allowed mortgages to be extended well above what folks could afford, housing prices skyrocketed and then the bubble burst. People can’t afford their mortgages, they stop spending (not good in a consumer driven economy) and employers reduce workforces. No corporate tax cut will trigger hiring, only demand will.

Final thought – with few exceptions, Bernie Sanders comes to mind, the primary focus of elected officials is to get re-elected which rarely aligns with what is truly needed.